Cosmet di Fantoni S.r.l. deals with the design, development and fulfilment of metal constructions, using a high mechanized and computerized factory and high qualified staff.


Workflow management


First of all we analyse the set of problems and the needs of the company or of the private client in order to provide the best solution to every single requirement.


Depending on the project, the structures are assembled and optimized by high qualified specialists.


Projectsare always finished within the deadline which is decided with the client in advance.

BIM - Building Information Modeling

Investing in technology

We decided to invest in progress, including new technologies from the beginning of the project, in order to give the client a clear vision of the finished product once it will be installed.
Generally BIM benefits for the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry) can be classified into 4 different groups: pre-construction, benefits in design, construction and assembly benefits, post-construction benefits.
Using BIM models allows the owner of the building (client) to evaluate if the suggested project is feasible from a financial point of view, before the actual beginning of the works.
The 3D BIM model can be used to visualise the project at any phase of the process.
Furthermore, BIM models allow to accurately extract 2D drawings at any phase of the planning process and give proper information for the performance analysis and evaluation, fundamental for the design of sustainable buildings.
Designers can use the model of the project as the starting point for the production of the components, the detection of potential errors in the design before the component is produced, the synchronisation of the design with the planning of the construction (4D BIM) and the feasibility of the model in the construction site (BIM to field).
BIM model produce technical constructiondocuments that give information about the structure, quantities, materials and all the other alphanumeric data that can be used both for the construction and the management of a building.
Thanks to the efficiency of the design phase, the assistance and the possible implementation of existing structures can be optimised, reducing times and costs of works.

Quality controls

The quality of the selected product is our priority.Working towards excellence is our guarantee in order to meet the requirements of any company in the best possible way.
High quality products pay off in the long term, as they need little maintenance.

Cosmet - Metal Constructions

Our Guarantees

Investing in quality


 Qualified Workers


 Thirty-year Experience


 Quality of the Materials


 Professionalism and Promptness


 Customised Solutions


  Assistance Service


Contact us asking for a survey at your company, our team will analyse your needs, suggesting the best solution for your business, guiding you from the very first phase of the project until the installation of the product.
Our specialists deal with client’s assistance, following him from the beginning of the project in order to give suggestions and create a constructive dialogue during the pre-planning phase.
Analysing the project with the client from the beginning allows us to give the best solutions and customise the product in the best way.
Cosmet offers an innovative technical consultation throughout the whole production process, from the study of the project to the product’s assembly on the construction site, in order to achieve high quality results, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.
Ask for an estimate with no obligation, specifying which kind of product is suitable for your business.
One of our commercial managers will contact you as soon as possible and will give you clear and detailed information.
The quality of our products and the need of a very little maintenance are a true guarantee and they are very convenient.
Moreover, Cosmet has developed a post-sales assistance service that can deal with a wide variety of needs and problems.

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