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Cosmet di Fantoni S.r.l. deals with the production of metal constructions, both for the private and the public industry.
Cosmet produces a wide variety of structures: bridges, pedestrian gangways, manufactory plants, building structures, staircases, fences and furniture.
Our organisational set-up can manage the whole productionprocess, from the design, developing working drawings, to the construction and installation, employing highly qualified workers.

Architectural and Structural Industry

Production of metal constructions for the bearing parts of different kind of constructions. Generally they consist of different welded elements prefabricated in factory and bolted on the construction site.
In particular: bearing structures for civil buildings and manufactory plants, added storeys and mezzanines, projecting roofs, gangways, emergency stairs, structures for façades and coverings.

Cosmet follows a wide variety of projects, from the beginning to the end:

  • Preliminary projects in order to draft an estimate of costs;
  • Structuralproject and calculation report, supervision of works, surveys on the construction site;
  • Working drawings for production;
  • In factory prefabrication, certified weld joints and conformity marking according to current regulations;
  • Protective, anticorrosive and aesthetic treatments for outdoor products.

Industrial Sector

Production of metal constructions for the construction of industrial machineries, plants or components.
In particular: pedestals, machineries frameworks and components,scaffoldings, supporting structures and components for plants, linear and circular gangways for manufactory plants, tanks and towers.

Cosmet follows a wide variety of projects, from the beginning to the end:

  • In factory prefabrication;
  • Certified weld joints and conformity marking according to current regulations;
  • Technical reports about the production in factory and use of certified materials with produce traceability;
  • Heat treatments, surface and finishing treatments;
  • Mechanical manufacture management;
  • In factory assemblies.

Architectural Industry – Civil Buildings

Creation of steel products for private houses or luxurious spaces, made with a particular attention to details, manufacture and materials and finishingselection.
In particular: stairs and mezzanines, indoor and outdoor furniture, exhibitions and museum setups, gates and fences.

Cosmet creates civil architectural structures, with particular attention to aesthetic and materials selection, in addition to functionality and duration of the required solutions.

  • Handmade manufacture for the creation of customised structures, depending on the client’sneeds;
  • Use of high quality materials thanks to a selected network of suppliers;
  • Installation and setup of the structures made by skilled and reliable specialists.


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